Wilelink compared to other platforms

How Wilelink Is Better Than Other Platforms

The new age of the internet and online services has brought a lot of innovative and unique platforms for personal, social and commercial advancements. They can help you learn a skill, make new friends or sell products, all from the comfort of your home.

The most important of these platforms are the ones that can be monetized because then they bring the greatest value to the end user. Although personal and social platforms can be monetized for great returns, for the purpose of this article, we will discuss commercial platforms.

More specifically, we will discuss Wilelink and how it is better than other commercial platforms available to you as online marketplaces.

Let’s compare Wilelink and some of the other large online marketplaces.


eBay is a well-known platform for online auctions and selling and buying of products between third party sellers and buyers. It is quite popular for selling second-hand items but most of the important or valuable things are left for auction.

What many people do not know is that there are inherent problems with this platform. Firstly, eBay charges you differently for the type and price of your items and whether you have an eBay store or not. Additionally, sellers have to pay both, insertion and final value fee.

It should not surprise anyone that eBay also charges extra for increased and enhanced marketing on its platform. To top things off, they deliver poor customer service and users have constant complaints of scams and frauds from misrepresented item sales, fakes, bidders skipping on payments and much more.


Amazon is arguably the most popular online marketplace for buying and selling products but they are limited by their trade between serviced countries and do not offer enough product categories in all regions. For example, basic products such as clothes cannot be sole in Spain or Italy.

They also charge up to 20%, depending on product category, if you wish to sell on their platform. this increases the price of their products. To make matters worse, they do not always have reliable sellers – this and the high pricing result in disloyal customers.

A survey shows more than 50% of their consumers ‘occasionally’ and ‘always’ check prices on other platforms before buying. This indicates serious mistrust on the pricing of the platform.


Wilelink is a truly global online marketplace that is very different from eBay or Amazon. Firstly, it has a truly global reach and does not restrict categories or products in certain regions. Buyer and sellers can buy and sell from anywhere to anywhere.

The global suppliers on Wilelink offer stiff competition and therefore better quality and pricing to customers. They do not overcharge sellers, keeping prices low and margins high while maintaining quality and better pricing for customers.

They equally market all their products to the best possible global audiences through an unbiased marketing system that connects customers to relevant products. They have trusted sellers and offer open communication between users from everywhere to eliminate scams and fraud effectively.

You can buy and sell used and new products safely and there are no auctions that require wait times and bid battles. Simply pay first and take auction-worthy used items from around the world at face value. Moreover, Wileink offers excellent user experiences and customer service throughout.


Do not let irregular commercial platforms and their poor support get in the way of your buying and selling experiences online. Get the best prices and widest range of globally sourced products for yourself or your business on Wilelink.

For more information, please visit the Wilelink website today.

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